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A "New Tradition" Mindset.

Success is achieved by taking the traditions and beauty of the game, combining it with cutting-edge technology and information analysis.

Welcome to AndersMattsonGolf

Welcome to AndersMattsonGolf

Formed in 2019, the focus and mission of AndersMattsonGolf, LLC is in providing coaching services and engaging the golfing population of Saratoga Springs and the surrounding communities. Using a holistic approach, we aim to advance the growth of the game, with a focus on player development amongst adults, families, and youths.

All products, programs, and services will be consistent with a "New Tradition" we instill in our students. Using state-of-the-art technologies combined with a mantra to preserve the traditions of the game, we will provide each student with a unique set of skills and an engaging experience to promote the love of this great game.

The Saratoga Golf Studio provides a 'home base' for golfers who want to engage in year-round training programs, having access to a mentor-ship designed to place them at the forefront of their ability and goals.

New Students     Hourly Lessons

Junior Training Schedule

Sat, Sep 30, 9:00am: Studio Class - Junior Levels 2-4
Sat, Sep 30, 10:00am: Studio Class - Junior Levels 2-4
Tue, Oct 3, 3:00pm: Studio Practice With AJ - Junior Levels 2-4
Wed, Oct 4, 5:00pm: *FULL* Girls 1-R
  • Great Service!

    Great Service!

    "I have been fortunate to be around some great coaches in my life. Coaching in all sports requires patience, passion and a strong understanding of content. Anders is able to take the challenge of golf and simplify the content to get the most out of his students. I am happy to have gotten to know Anders and trust that he has a bright future in the coaching business."


PGA Teaching & Coaching Awards

  • 2014 Pga Teacher Of The Year
  • 2015 Pga Teacher Of The Year
  • 2017 Pga Teacher Of The Year
  • 2018 Player Development Award

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