Club Fitting at AndersMattsonGolf

Golf Club fitting is essential in forming an efficient and effective golf game.  Without the right tools, scores and swings can be greatly effected.  I like to always look at a student’s clubs during a lesson.  Do they have the right gapping?  Is the equipment up to date?  Are there any custom clubs in the bag?  How many wedges do they carry?  What is their fairway wood-Hybrid-Long Iron matrix?  How long is their putter?  All of these questions are important in finding out if the clubs fit the golfers game.  With the introduction of hybrids, and more wedge options, gapping becomes even easier to do.  So many people are carrying clubs that do not fit their swing, or their game.  Why carry a 3 iron if you only use it to chip out from under trees?  

In order to achieve maximum success on the golf course, all 14 clubs must fit the player and be used properly.  The investment in proper equipment will pay off with lower scores and a better golf game.  I urge everyone to take a serious look at their bag, and identify if the tools in their bag are correct for them.  And if you don’t know, come see me and I will go through some tests to assess your clubs.