Facility update

As of 3/15/20, the Saratoga Golf Studio will be closed due to the COVID – 19 outbreak.  I belabored over this decision, but feel it is in the best interest for all that we take heed of medical advice and close the doors.  I will be evaluating the situation and will be making decisions on a weekly basis on when we will be able to re-open.  With the amount that is still unknown relating to this virus, I felt that golf could take a backseat for a moment and we will resume when information has more clarity.

If you have golf clubs in the studio, please contact myself, Bob or Chad to coordinate a time for pickup.  You will receive a cancelation notice for any upcoming lessons.  If you have already paid, please let me know if you would rather have a refund, or keep the credit for a future date.  I am fine either way.

Also, I have been working with and looking at an online avenue to stay in contact with all of my students, so please stay tuned for information regarding that as well as outdoor opportunities.

Golf is a special sport, and one that has been able to endure many historical hardships.  I anticipate that the core values of golf will hold strong through this pandemic, and will allow for some solace amongst otherwise apparent chaos.  Please enjoy the outdoors to play when feasible, and practice safe protocols while doing so.  I look forward to seeing everyone when the news turns more positive.  

Thank you,