Play in a fun and relaxed competitive environment with your friends.

A Collaborative Introduction to Competitive and Fun Girls Golf League.

AndersMattsonGolf, NENY PGA, and The Saratoga Spa State Park will work together to host a girls golf initiative which will prep girls for upcoming Scholastic Golf.

In preparation for Girls Golf to be introduced as a Varsity Sport in Section 2, this program is designed to prepare girls to learn to play golf in a fun and competitive environment.  Utilizing great coaching and the Operation 36 platform will allow each participant a unique and extremely valuable experience.  Each day will consist of 30 minutes of practice, 9 holes of golf and on course training. The full program will be 6 sessions spread over the month of May and June.

Coaches will include, Anders Mattson, Bob Tribley, Christian Torres, and Bob Cain.  And look out for some Special Guests!!!

The format for each day will consist of classes grouped by age and ability.  Each participant will have an assigned coach that will go through 30 minutes of training, then on course play/practice.  The Operation 36 platform will be our main source of tracking so all players and parents can see all progress.  This is the first program in the area to run the Operation 36 platform and we are excited to introduce this versatile and valuable tool to everyone.


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Not sure if your child is ready, attend the Kickoff Day for free and meet/talk to the coaches.  We encourage everyone to give it a try!

Once registered for the Spring Program, you will receive instructions to sign up for the Operation36 platform which allow the coaches, parents and players to track progress throughout their program.  


Saturday, May 4th

KickOff Event

Town of Colonie Golf Course 

3:00 – 5:00

Wednesdays in May


Saratoga Spa State Park

3:00 – 6:00

Saturday May 18 & June 1


Saratoga Spa State Park

3:00 – 6:00

Each Girls Golf Event will be unique and have an emphasis on learning the game in a fun, relaxed environment.  We will do our best to organize each group so ages and abilities are matched in each group.  Here is a list of Groups which will be spread out based on experience and skill levels.  The Modified, JV and Varsity groups will all play using the Operation 36 Platform.

  • Kids Play: Ages 5-7 (1 hour Classes)
  • Modified 
  • Junior Varsity
  • Varsity


Anders Mattson

Christian Torres

Bob Cain

Bob Tribley


Throughout the season, we will hold events specific to Girls Golf.  These group classes will be designed for players of all ages and abilities with an emphasis on Girls Golf’s 5 E’s.

  • We EMPOWER girls by teaching them a game they can play and enjoy for a lifetime.
  • We ENRICH their lives by expanding their minds and giving them the confidence to dream big and accomplish their goals.
  • We ENGAGE girls with strong female role models and inspire them to make a difference in their communities.
  • We ENERGIZE them with our vitality and enthusiasm by sharing our love of the game.
  • We EXERCISE their minds and bodies to help them realize and unlock their true potential.

Each event is unique and can be signed up for online. To Sign up for an event, follow the link below.

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