Play in a fun and relaxed competitive environment with your friends.

The 2019 PGA Junior League Team will be under the guidance of AndersMattsonGolf and will hold all practices and matches at the Par 29 Golf Course at The Saratoga Spa State Park.

Site Host
Saratoga Spa State Park Par 29 Course.  All matches will be played on the Par 29 with varying tees for different ages.  This course is perfect for these matches as we will complete the 9 holes in a timely and efficient manner.  We will also use the new Indoor Training Studio for any rainouts that may occur.
AndersMattsonGolf is the official league when you sign up. Based on participation, we are hoping to have two leagues of 8 teams.  Each team will play each team, therefore 7 total matches.  There will be awards for champions of each league as well as 2 all-star teams when the post-season begins.  This is new this year and we are really excited to have two teams compete at year’s end.
Once signups are finalized, we will roster each team to make each match fair and competitive.  Any team requests can be made in advance of the registration deadline.
The full program fee is $325 which includes the $75 PGA fee as well as all greens fees, gifts, 7 matches, and training.  Payment is made upon registration online.
Friday June 22 – Friday August 2.  We will have practice and matches every Friday afternoon.  Exact times will be determined once rostering takes place.
Players must not turn 14 before August 1st.  We encourage players 6-13 to sign up.  If you have a question on whether your child is ready to play, please email any of the coaches (cc’d here) to find out.


Registration is available on or you can follow any of the above/below links.  Make sure you select AndersMattsonGolf team.  Please let me know if there are any issues.
Registration Deadline: May 25th, 2019.
Coaches and Contact
Anders Mattson –
Bob Cain –
Christian Torres –

The PGA Junior League is a great way to train and compete as a team.

Often times, golf is treated as an individual sport and we believe that team environments foster the learning and improvement process.  When golfers are playing for their teams and their peers, the best of their abilities will be showcased.  Example: Ryder Cup.

2019 Practice and Match Schedule 
  • Practice/Match #1: June 22nd
  • Practice/Match #1: June 29th
  • Practice/Match #1: July 5th
  • Practice/Match #1: July 12th
  • Practice/Match #1: July 19th
  • Practice/Match #1: July 26th
  • Practice/Match #1: August 2nd

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