Level 2/3 - Competitive Golf Training

Train together to get better together.

A training program that is designed for competitive Juniors looking to improve performance. All aspects of golf training will be covered and included in this comprehensive program. Each golfer in the Level 2/3 program will have had an assessment from one of our professional staff. These assessments will allow us to cater to the needs of each individual within a group setting

The class structure will be task oriented based on skills based model.  The skill tasks will revolve around the following:

  • Tee Shots
  • Approach Shots
  • Wedges
  • Short Game
  • Putting

Each of these skills will be broken down using analytical measurements to identify where each player should prioritize their training.  Technique prioritization will also evolve as these skills are broken down.  Each skill is imperative to score well, and compete at each student’s desired level.

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