Online Coaching

Once a permanent item on my to do list, creating an online platform to connect with my students has now become a reality.  And the unfortunate circumstance surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic has acted as a catalyst to get this done.  As many of you know, I am not a huge proponent of broadcasting information via social network channels, so you will not see me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.  I am happy to offer CoachNow as it is a secure, invite only platform where I can directly connect with those interested in being connected.  This is simply a place where I can help golfers improve, create new golfers and help the game of golf. 

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Join the Anders Mattson Golf Team page to stay connected and engaged with us digitally.  Information that will provided on this page:

  • Saratoga Golf Studio Updates
  • Program and Service Offerings
  • Junior Program Updates
  • General Drills, Games, Exercises to do while home or on your own
  • Basic Swing Analysis (See Spaces for upgrade)
  • Merchandise and Golf Club Specials
  • Q&A


Create a Space

“Freemium” Service

When you create a space, you will have a private space to post questions, swing videos, stats, and have direct access for online coaching.  Exclusive content will be shared and an individualized training plan can be created for you.  

  • Swing Analysis
  • Video and Picture Drills
  • Personalized Practice Plans
  • Individualized Training Games/Drills
  • Exclusive Content
  • Free to use with option of Voluntary Payment

The goal of my coaching is to help golfers play better, and that is often a long term process encompassing a large variety of skill sets.  Although sometimes related, in order to score better, it might not be necessary to swing better.  Without proper feedback instruments, I am hesitant to say that an online swing analysis is going to in fact improve your scores, therefore I will not be charging for this service.  I am happy to answer questions regarding your golf swing, but without proper background information, it is difficult for me to justify a cost.  I am, however, confident that you will find value in the weekly content provided.  So, if you feel inclined, voluntary payments in any denomination will be accepted.  Thank you for trusting us a source for your golf information and I look forward to engaging with you while we take a collective golf hiatus. Thank you.  


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