Just why is your favorite PGA or LPGA Tour player holding up two fingers prior to every putt? Learn the popular green reading system that is revolutionizing how players choose their line and speed, and how they putt. Incorporate these basics into your game and watch your putting stats improve, and your scores go down.

AimPoint is a green reading system that is revolutionizing how players choose their line and speed on any given putt.  The system is being used by some of the best players in the world as well as amateurs of all abilities and everyone in between (including yours truly).  I firmly believe that by incorporating the basics of AimPoint into your golf game, you will have a better chance to make more putts.  AimPoint has a mathematical foundation which I enjoy, but also incorporates personal preferences and feelings to give a very accurate read on any putt on any course.   I highly encourage everyone to take part in the classes that are offered throughout the year and watch your putting stats improve and your scores go down. 


What level of player do I need to be to participate in an AimPoint class and improve my putting?

Players of all levels are invited to participate and will gain important information on how a golf ball moves on the green.  The AimPoint express system was built to teach 6-year olds how to read greens, and it is used by the best players on the PGA and LPGA tour.  Short answer – It is for everyone.

Why are the classes more expensive than other training programs offered?

AimPoint is a proprietary system that is only taught be certified instructors across the country.  These prices are the minimum that AimPoint allows to advertise.  I would urge people to take advantage of taking more than one class as then the cost nets down and you will generally learn something new at each class.   

I have heard AimPoint is too technical and takes away the feel from the player? 

Although, I have seen some players take this a little bit too far, the foundation of the system and it’s accuracy allows the player to diagnose each putt and then add his/her personal touch to the break depending on external factors.  If anything, this system has given me more freedom to hit putts on more accurate lines with more confidence.  

2018 Dates

  • June 8
  • July 6
  • August 3


  • 11:00 – 12:00 – Express 1 Green Reading
  • 12:00 – 1:00 – Express 2 Green Reading

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