We will be offering new students the opportunity to take part in an assessment process to help them reach their golfing goals. Our assessment is based on skill acquisition and will analyze each part of your golf game from your equipment, swing, short game and putting. What we are looking for are the pieces of your game that cost you the most strokes on the golf course. Once we identify those skills, we will come up with an organized plan to help improve not only technique but also how to practice properly.

What to Wear: The Indoor Studio is casual. Please bring a clean pair of shoes to change into, especially in the winter. It is a temperate 70 degrees in the studio with no wind.

Where to Go: The Saratoga Golf Studio is on 62 Excelsior Avenue in Saratoga Springs, NY. We share a building with 9 Miles East. Parking is available behind the building and also on the street in front of the building. Access can be gained from either the parking lot or street entrance.

What to Bring: Bring your entire set of clubs, including any clubs you are “testing.” Also bring any gadgets, training tools, and a notebook. Also, the most important thing to bring: Questions! If there is something puzzling about the game, or about a swing technique you’ve seen, please ask, and if I don’t have an answer right away, I will find one for you.

The Assessment Process: The main premise behind my teaching is skill acquisition. For first time students, we will look to identify the “low-hanging fruit” in which we can most easily and quickly improve. The five skills that we analyze are: Tee-shots, Approach Shots, Wedging, Short Game and Putting. Using TrackMan, we will find the most pertinent information and come up with a long term game plan for improvement. When we can assess those skills, it will be evident which particular skill can help lower scores immediately.

If you have any questions on any of the programs, or would like to design your own, please feel free to email me at